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This show was a joint effort by Central Carolina N Scalers (CCNS), Lynchburg Area N Scale (LANS), and North Raleigh Model Railroad Club (NRMRC) held in Warehouse #3 at historic Spencer Shops in Spencer NC on 12-13 May 2017.

A total of 14 NRMRC members participated in the TCA Show on May 6, 2017 in the Scott Building at the Fairgrounds. Former member Dan Harker (of Harker Gulch fame) stopped by for a visit; Dan lives in Asheboro.

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Thanks to Paul Ohegyi for hosting. Participation was great at the Program Session on Flickr.

March 1, 2017 Minutes


Attendees – 13, 4 via SKYPE

Module Updates

Here's a update on the two corners: Track improvements are finished and ballasted and now have red to orange and orange to red on each corner. Some poorly done track work has been repaired.

I arrived at Joe's 7:15 AM and we proceeded to test the Gray Rock's Orange and Red lines including the Frog Juicer. As soon as we hit it with track power...short!

The orange line improvements on Gray Rock  are now complete. Work involved installing two turnouts from the Red line crossing over to the Orange line. These two manual turnouts are finger operated. The flexibility this will give us is tremendous!

Cork has been laid on both corners and track work has begun...which came too an abrupt stop when I had a senior moment!



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