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Upcoming Train Shows & Events

Show Date
TCA Raleigh - December 2016
December 3, 2016 to December 4, 2016

Recent Show Reports

The North Raleigh Model Railroad Club completed another successful show with the Neuse River Club this past weekend, November 5&6 2016. This year we resumed display of the Junior Engineer layout in addition to Both the N-TRAK and T-TRAK Layouts.

The NRMRC participated in the 2016 NMRA MER Convention held at the RTP Marriott with a T-TRAK layout featuring Apex. Since our Apex modules are a model of a prototype scene we were in the RPM (Railway Prototype Modelers) room.

Upcoming Meetings

Hosted by Program Title
NRMRC Meeting Wednesday, December 7, 2016 Joel McCurry

Latest Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Al Guckes for hosting the meeting. Good discussions on upcoming train shows and module construction and refurbishment.

Attendance 9, 5 via SKYPE


Thanks to Mark Blaustein for hosting the meeting, and to Todd Shoffleitt for a thorough discussion on the lumber industry and what to look for in modeling the industry.

Module Updates

The orange line improvements on Gray Rock  are now complete. Work involved installing two turnouts from the Red line crossing over to the Orange line. These two manual turnouts are finger operated. The flexibility this will give us is tremendous!

Cork has been laid on both corners and track work has begun...which came too an abrupt stop when I had a senior moment!

Work has started on the restoration of both corner modules.

Joe Peacock, Paul Ohegyi, Terry Baker, Mark Blaustein, Joe Austin, Chris Thompson and John Wallis continued work on the modules on Sunday, October 16, 2016



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