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This page summarizes the forums and mailing lists on the Internet that are devoted to Digital Command Control and/or Computer Control of model railroads. You can subscribe by clicking on the "Subscribe" link or obtain more information, where available, by clicking on the "More Info" link (note: this link may take you to a web-site or it may bring up an E-mail form to request information from the list moderator).

The links to DCC Web Sites cover only those sources used by the DCC members of the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club, and are not claimed to be exhaustive or complete. The supplier recommendations are those of NRMRC members, based on purchases and support.



The objective of this forum is the discussion and dissemination of information about model railroad products, mostly Atlas products, and problems. General rules of civility (no flaming, no politics, etc.) apply. You must register to be able to post messages.


Mailing Lists


This group is for all DCC enthusiasts. There is no manufacture bias of any kind by the owner or moderators. Discuss any maker of DCC products freely. The list is international in nature and we welcome those from all countries to participate in the discussions. This list is about DCC and DCC products. We ask that you remain on this subject. We believe all the major manufactures have a place in providing their products to enthusiast. That different products fit different people and that there is no one best system for everyone. People who are considering going to a DCC layout are especially encouraged to join. No flaming (attacking another member) is allowed. Topics are to remain civil at all times.

Manufacturers and DCC retailers are also encouraged to join. Retail sellers may place their web page in their signature, but are not allowed to sell outright on the list. Members are welcome to post for sale of their own personal items they may wish to sell. Please join in and have fun.


DCC Techtalk

This group is for detailed discussion of model railroad DCC technology, including standards (existing and proposed), interoperation, equipment design, etc. Examples of suitable topics include proposed updates to NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices; results from testing various DCC technologies; discussion leading to recommendations on layout features such as wiring, block structure or power; etc.


Lenz Digital Plus

Digital plus by Lenz system and decoders users discussion list. Designed to help NMRA Digital Command Control or DC users using all scales get the most out of their Digital plus or Model plus model railroad DCC and DC products.



This is a Digitrax Users Group Chat List for those who are using the Digitrax Digital Command Control system for model railroads.



Easy DCC

This group is for model train enthusiasts who use the Digital Command Control (DCC) system called EasyDCC, manufactured by the CVP Company (http //www.cvpusa.com), located in Richardson, Texas, U.S.A. This list is intended as a discussion group and networking resource for those interested in EasyDCC.


JMRI Users Group

Discussion group for people using the JMRI model railroad software, including DecoderPro. JMRI provides several useful tools DecoderPro makes it easier to program DCC decoders. For more information, please see http://jmri.sourceforge.net. The JMRI library makes it easy to write your software to control your layout. This group is a good place to discuss any aspect of these. If you have questions about how to do things, suggestions, or even complaints, post them to this list.


Linux DCC

Mail list for developers of DCC applications (Digital Command Control for model railroading) with Linux.



For people who are interested in using their Macintosh's with their model railroad layout. Primary focus is on DCC or other related digital control systems. The idea is to promote development of hardware or software for Mac's to simulate, design, operate, control or monitor the railroad.



This site talks about problems, successes, and solutions to owning and using the MRC (Model Rectifier Corporations) DCC (Digital Command Control) system to control model trains. Discuss decoder installations, command control usage and just about anything to do with Model Railroading.


North Coast Engineering (NCE)

This list serves as a forum for users of NCE Digital Command Control Systems to obtain and share information with other users.



This is an open forum for discussing issues concerning DCC.
To subscribe, send an email to listserv@Lists.psu.edu and on a line by itself in the message body type: SUBSCRIBE DCCSIG-L Your Real Name.


NMRA DCC Working Group

For discussion of issues related to the NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices, and implementation of the DCC protocol.
To subscribe, send an email to listserver@smscecon.com and on a line by itself in the message body type: SUBSCRIBE DCC Your Real Name.

N Scale with DCC (ndcc)

All Digital N-scalers are welcome (also Nn3, H0n3,Z). If you post a question, please prepare and post a summary of answers. Respond directly to the questioner, not the list. WTB every day, FS every Monday.



NTRAK DCC Special Interest Group

NTRAK Digital Command and Control Special Interest Group. The intent of this group is to discuss issues and make recommendations to facilitate the use of DCC on NTRAK and other N scale modular layouts.


Railroad Software

The ability to create software for model railroading quickly and easily has never been better. There exist programs for running trains, shipping goods, block control, DCC and even full railroad simulations (you don't need a layout!).

Software is only as good as the developers conceive it. To be a program that is viable it must be evaluated by the people who use it. What features should be included? How complex are these programs to use? How close to prototypical are they? How steep is their learning curve?

This group was set up to discuss all aspects of software for model railroading.



This is a discussion group for users of the SoundTraxx model railroad sound system.


Z Scale DCC

A place to talk about Z Scale Model Railroads with DCC Digital equipment. This includes installing DCC decoders in Z scale Locomotives, train detection, computer control, and all other aspects of Z scale trains and digital command and control.



This is a discussion group for users of the Zimo DCC system.


Links to DCC-Related Sites Manufacturers & Suppliers

Aztec Manufacturing Co.

2701 Conestoga Drive, #113
Carson City, NV 89706

Phone: (775) 883-3327
Fax: (775) 883-3357

Web-site: http://www.aztectrains.com
E-mail: aztecmfg@usa.net

Manufacturer of track cleaning cars from Z to G scales and Track Master DCC ready frames.

Digitrax, Inc.

2443 Transmitter Road
Panama City, FL 32404-3157

Phone: (800) 872-9890
Fax: (850) 872-9557

Web-site: http://www.digitrax.com
E-mail: sales@digitrax.com

Designer and manufacturer of complete portfolio of DCC systems (Zephyr, Empire Builder, Chief) and components (Command Stations, Power Boosters, Throttles, Decoders, Detectors).

Litchfield Station

1412 N Central Ave Suite D
Avondale AZ 85323

Phone: (623) 298-7355

Web-site: http://www.litchfieldstation.com
E-mail: sales@litchfieldstation.com

Handles all brands of DCC equipment. Also does decoder installation.

Logic Rail Technologies

21175 Tomball Parkway
Suite 287
Houston, TX 77070

Phone/Fax: (281) 251-5813

Web-site: http://www.logicrailtech.com
E-mail: info@logicrailtech.com

Manufacturer of LocoNet Fast Clock (LNFC) and other DCC accessories.

Throttle Up! Corp. — SoundTraxx

210 Rockpoint Drive
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: (970) 259-0690
Fax: (970) 259-0691

Web-site: www.soundtraxx.com
E-mail: sales@soundtraxx.com

Designer/manufacturer of DCC sound decoders for steam and diesel locomotives, along with accessories such as miniature speakers.

Tony's Train Exchange

57 River Road
Box 1023
Essex Junction, VT 05452

Orders: (800) 978-3472
Fax: (802) 878-5550

Web-site: http://www.tonystrains.com
Email: info@tonystrains.com

Dealer for all DCC manufacturers. Manufactures and distributes several DCC accessories including transformers, power supplies, circuit breakers. Good source of technical information. Decoder installation service. Other model RR products.

Train Buddy Products

1200 Jenkins Road
Wake Forest, North Carolina 27587

Phone: 919-562-4378

Web-site: http://www.trainbuddy.com.
Email: order@trainbuddy.com

DCC specialists — the full line of Digitrax and SoundTraxx products are stocked. DCC/sound product installation. Troubleshooting, servicing and repairs for all scales.

Other Sources of Information

Allan Gartner's "Wiring for DCC"

Web-site: www.WiringForDCC.com

This is one of the most useful web-sites on the Internet for DCC. If you have questions about wiring your layout for DCC — track switches, throttle network, booster network, track, commons — this is the place to go. Also information on decoder installation, sound and block detection.

Allan Gartner is an electrical and computer engineer with experience in computers, radio, industrial wiring, troubleshooting, and the electrical knowledge and wiring problems of model railroaders. This is Allan's way of giving something back to the hobby.

The DCC University

Web-site: www.MrDCCU.com
E-mail: Bruce@MrDCCU.com

Bruce Petrarca provides a wealth of information about all aspects of DCC on his web site, and also offers private installation and consulting services.

Don Crano's Model Railroading with DCC

Web-site: www.mrwithdcc.com
E-mail: dcrano@neo.rr.com

This web-site has several projects (battery saver, Tortoise mods, detectors, decoder installations) and lots of hints and tips. Don also has an excellent page on "What's New in the World of DCC!", which he keeps up-to-date.

Don is a major contributor to the various Internet mailing lists related to DCC, especially the Digitrax and NMRA DCC-SIG lists.

Dick Bronson's Page

Web-site: www.rr-cirkits.com
E-mail: dick_bronson@sil.org

Dick has important information on Safety Grounding for DCC (i.e. how to protect yourself and your DCC equipment). He also has do-it-yourself articles on a Block Occupancy Detector and Remote Controlled Couplers. Dick is the manufacturer of the LocoBuffer interface between a computer and the Digitrax LocoNet.

Rutger Friberg's Model Railroad Electronics

Web-site: www.hobby.se/Rutger/Rutger.html
E-mail: rutger.friberg@hobby.se

Rutger is a prodigious designer and model railroad author. His "Model Railroad Electronics" books now number 6 volumes. He is also co-author with Stan Ames and Ed Loizeaux of "Digital Command Control", the recently published first book devoted to DCC (see below).

Stan Ames, Rutger Friberg & Ed Loizeaux, Digital Command Control, The Comprehensive Guide to DCC

Published by Allt om Hobby AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998, ISBN 91-85496-49-9. Available from amazon.com

Stefano Curtarolo's AuroTrains

Web-site: www.aurotrains.com
E-mail: aurotrains@iname.com

Stefano's web-site contains several interesting items on DCC plus many links to DCC-related sites. His total site contains many links to web-sites with photographs of prototype and model railroads, as well as other links to railroad-related web-sites.

Stefano is also moderator of the N Scale with DCC (ndcc) mailing list.


Web-site: dccwiki.com

DCCWiki is an encyclopedia (DCCWikipedia) for DCC written collaboratively by many of its readers, meaning articles can be added or changed by nearly anyone. Lots of people are constantly improving DCCWiki, all of which are recorded.

Almost all visitors may create new articles or edit DCCWikipedia's articles and have their changes instantly displayed. DCCWikipedia is built on the belief that collaboration among users will improve articles over time, in much the same way that Open source software develops. Further, this real-time, collaborative model allows rapid updating of existing topics and introduction of new topics. Its authors need not have any expertise or formal qualifications in the subjects which they edit, and users are warned that their contributions may be "edited mercilessly and redistributed at will" by anyone who so wishes. Its articles are not controlled by any particular user or editorial group, and decision-making on the content and editorial policies of DCCWikipedia is instead done by consensus and occasionally vote.

Editing is very easy:

  1. Click "edit" this page at the top of the page.

  2. Type a message.

  3. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page to save your writing... or "Preview" to test your changes.




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