DCC Design and Ops for NTRAK


Since NTRAK came into existence in 1974 and the NTRAK Specifications were developed more than 5,000 NTRAK modules have been built by modelers in many countries. Also, since 1974 the control of trains on NTRAK layouts has evolved from basic wired DC throttles to wireless DC throttles to wireless Digital Command Control (DCC). Trains are operated today on NTRAK layouts with both DC and DCC active on the same layout.NTRAK layouts of various sizes have become staples of Train Shows, Meets and Conventions (hereafter referred to as “shows”). NTRAK layouts have the flexibility to fit into many different size and shape configurations to fit the available space.The intent of this document is to specify in detail the design and operational considerations that are required for an NTRAK layout using Digital Command Control (DCC) such that railroad operations are successful, continuous and reliable throughout the show.While this document is specifically written for NTRAK layouts the principles contained herein are equally applicable to modular layouts in other scales and to club layouts and large home layouts in any scale. 



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