Setup and Train Operations with Digitrax Duplex Throttles and Radio


Several years ago Digitrax introduced wireless throttles and receivers utilizing Infra-Red (IR) or radio signals. IR operation is exactly like using a TV remote control — point the throttle at the IR receiver (UR90 or UR91) and press the button or turn the knob. Unlike the IR mode, radio operation does not require the throttle to be pointed in any particular direction. Both types of signal are one-way (Simplex) only, going from the throttle to the LocoNet network. As a result, only certain throttle activities can be done wirelessly. All other tasks require the throttle to be plugged into LocoNet.In 2009 Digitrax introduced wireless throttles and a transceiver that provides two-way (Duplex) communications between the throttles and the transceiver (UR92). With this system nearly all throttle operations can be done wirelessly. The UR92 transceiver can also receive IR signals to support wireless throttles that operate in that communications mode.This publication provides the information and recommendations needed for the successful and reliable operation of the Digitrax Duplex System and its components, as well as an explanation of the underlying theory and issues. 



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