Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from monthly meetings are found here in reverse chronological order.

Attendance  -  10,   Hangouts  - 8
Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt)             
Consent Agenda - Joel McCurry Move, John Walllis, Second
     Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
     Minutes of the Last Meeting

Thanks to Charles Eisner for hosting, and thanks to Todd Shoffeitt for taking minutes

Thanks to the Neuse River Valley model railroad club for providing their host site for the meeting. Thanks to Joe Johnston for coordinating, and Gerry Foster for officially hosting the event (including the Oreos :-)).
Welcome visitor Ron Heinze. We hope you found the meeting interesting and that you return.

Thanks to Sly glass for hosting, and David Koss for taking the minutes

Thanks to Joel McCurry for hosting. Also welcome to our guests, Brian Brown, Greg Brynildson, Jim Songer 
Congratulations, Brian Brown on joining the club!

Thanks to Bobby McConnell for taking minutes during my absence - Larry



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