NRMRC Meeting Highlights April 2017

Welcome (Dave Koss)

Consent Agenda John Wallis moved, Joel McCurry seconded


Treasurer's Report (see file on website)

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Immediately Past and Upcoming Train Shows

  • Carol Woods Retirement Community, April 1. Joe Johnston: Report can be found on the website. There is a need for testing on Fitzgerald and turnouts on shorting.
  • TCA, May 6, 2017, Superintendent John Wallis – email will go out this weekend T-TRAK – members need to register attendance.
  • Spencer Shops, May 12-13, (Friday & Saturday), coordinating with Central Carolina and Lynchburg. NTRAK – Joel McCurry Superintendent – [Thursday setup, May 11]
  • Johnson City TN, first Friday and Saturday, June 2-3, 2017. Need to coordinate with Lynchburg – David Koss Superintendent NTRAK
  • Windsor Point: Because of Johnson City and NSE in Pittsburgh (June 21 – 25) we probably should aim for a different weekend for this show than our normal NTRAK Father’s Day weekend (June 17-18).– July 29-30 proposed John Superintendent
  • National N Scale Convention (NSE), Pittsburgh June 21 - 25 2017 – New Jersey Southern Superintendent, John Wallis coordinating NRMRC We will have modules. NTRAK
  • Possible TCA in August T-TRAK
  • Proposed - Grand Strand Model Train Show the weekend of November 11/12 (week after NRV) in Myrtle Beach SC. Last year we were invited and chose not to go. This year they have invited all the ENL clubs so we should re-evaluate based on how many ENL clubs decide to participate. On hold for now …
  • Future agenda will reflect proposed shows.

Standards Committee Update (David Derway)

NOTE: If there are any additional items that need to be added for the Standards Committee to address, please let David Derway know.


Grey Rock / Covered Bridge Corner:

Scenic update - Complete

Orange Line Addition - Complete.

Wiring permanent fix - Final Issue to be resolved ASAP. McCurry/Derway

Backdrop update- Temporary backdrop installed. Permanent backdrop addition being moved to an update item as it was not part of the initial work plan. C. Thompson

  Apex Module: Scenic update Balloon module scenery, junction track work and scenery.

  Trailer Updates:

Top shelf built and cargo net to be purchased to hold items on top shelf. McCurry/Derway


  Trailer Updates: Complete. Permission granted to fund the pieces …

Metal stanchion cart. Needs design, budgeting, manufacture.

Plastic stanchion base cart. Needs design, budgeting, manufacture.

Ramp entry easement. Needs design, budgeting, manufacture.

Instruction/booklet binder on chain. McCurry/Derway

Door chain. McCurry/Derway - Complete. Permission granted to fund the pieces …

  FitzGerald Yard:

Sides to protect interior details. Kalenowski/Derway

Circuit breaker on each main buss?

  Gold Hill:

Blue Line gauge issue. Needs repair/replacement of a section of track. J. Peacock (needs help obtaining/moving module set).


Scenic refresh. Needs module review, budgeting, fund approval, work done.  J. Kalenowski/Derway

Track piece fix. Derway


Broken hinge on leg. Needs repair. Dave Thompson will take care of it

  Long Bridge:

Center support leg for Mountain Division. Needs design, manufacture.


Education Committee Update (Gerry Foster)

We need to discuss and plan the “Best Practices” programs, get presenters and schedule them in the first half of this year. John will put together thoughts on this issue. John Wallis will do the program next month on Best Practices. 5-minute tip on leveling screws on T-TRAK

Also, we require monthly meeting hosts for June 7th, July 5th, and August 2nd  

NOTE: Joe Johnston will host July (the second week, due to the holiday). June is still open.

Plus, 5 Minute Modeling Tips starting May until December.

And Programs for June through December


      Communications Update (Larry Hicks)

Migrating from Yahoo Groups to NRMRC communications. Broadcast testing only 98% successful. Project abandoned (for now) – Larry Hicks. Will be using it for website based broadcast to all members.

Facebook page – Membership on Facebook encouraged to like & follow the site.

Education online – thoughts? Still need follow through

Videos for website

Old Business (Dave Koss)

Insurance coverage: Todd looking into it. Currently only liability coverage. No trailer or property coverage. Property can be covered, but trailer not. Still investigating. Inland Maritime policy proposed. Deductible - $500 on property, $1,000 on trailer.


New Business (Dave Koss)

As a 501c3, need to have public service component. David Koss trying to arrange meeting with Wake County Library system to determine possible partnerships (displays, book donations, etc.) Also, at shows - talking with folks about railroading, model railroading, Jr. Engineer setup, etc. School presentations (Gerry was looking into it) – private schools. Maker movement in the area. Maybe using it as a potential skill building, how to’s, etc.

Tax file deadline coming. Joe Johnston will file.

Program - Posting photos to the website via Flickr

Members who wish to post pictures from the evening can use the Flickr Tag "NRMRC Meeting"

5-Minute Tip - Mortar Lines on Brick Walls

Thanks to Rick Delafave for putting this on.

Next Meeting: Mark Blaustein  

5-Minute Tip: Leveling screws on T-TRAK – John Wallis

Program: Best Practices – John Wallis


Meeting Adjourn

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