NRMRC Meeting Highlights December 2018

December 5, 2018
Attendance: 11, 6 via Hangouts
Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt) - Welcome John Hart, new member
Consent Agenda
Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
Minutes of the Last Meeting
Move John Wallis, Second Mark Blaustein - approved
Train Shows
Raleigh Union Station
Two sessions so far, Saturday & Sunday. Last weekend pretty good. Had parking ticket issues. Hopefully solved. This weekend, Santa Train leaves at 10:00 am, return around 1:41 pm. We need to verify no tickets in the future. Display will be staffed this weekend. Others welcome to join in. Confirmed for Saturday. Sunday may be questionable.
Past Train Shows
Train Collectors Association (TCA)
Good run. Don Cariss’s last show to run trains. Will try to attend to talk with people. Next TCA, December 6-7.

Upcoming Train Shows (use links for details and to register for the events)
New Bern (Details TBD) March 2nd & 3rd. David Derway – Superintendent, Mark Blaustein - Second Superintendent Will be held at the high school, due to convention flooding. Email correspondence in the works. Most hotels up and running. David awaiting any notification of lodging deals.
NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the Blue Registration tab and follow the instructions
Standards Committee (no action required at the meeting)

  • NTRAK Project Update, David Derway

    • Instructions on the back of Rockin’ Toxin and Geezer Gate for adjustments.
    • Switch on Mountain seems to have solved itself
  • T-TRAK Update, Paul Ohegyi

    • Accessory bus cables need to be standard color codes. Folks can identify personal cables with tape.
    • Geoff & Ryan working on crossovers for the Apex Junction

Education (Gerry Foster

  • Updates

    • January gift exchange – John will run
    • Next year we need programming and meeting volunteers, beginning February

      1. Todd – February Program – ballasting - Todd
      2. Mark – March, October
      3. Al Guckes, November
      4. Charles Eisner, September
      5. Others pending
    • Need programs. Send Gerry email on potential items

      1. Decoder installs
      2. Programming track creation
    • Discussed installing decoders with experts – Gerry to pursue

Announcements/Information (no action required at the meeting)
Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt)

  • Nomination for 2019 officers and one director

    • Gerry Foster -  President
    • Mike Floyd – Vice President
    • Larry - Secretary (last year in the role)
    • Joe Johnston – Treasurer
    • Charles Eisner – Director
  • Approval of the 2019 budget

    • Motion to approve budget: Larry Hicks, Second John Wallis - approved
    • Dues remain at $40

New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • Approval and date selection for Galloway Ridge show, January 19th or 26th

    • Motion Todd Shoffeitt, Second – Gerry Foster Approved for January 19th  Larry to put on website
  • Storage unit

    • Currently have 10X15. Can we use 10X10? Have added T-TRAK, but also have a trailer. 10X10 saves $600/year. Need to determine prices for 10X10s & 10X15s central to NC Fairgrounds. Joe Johnston, Gerry Foster to investigate.

Next Meeting
January 9, 2019 – Annual Meeting (details TBD)

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