NRMRC Meeting Highlights February 2018

Monthly Meeting

Date:  February 7, 2018    Time: 7:30 pm
Attendance: 16, 6 SKYPE (Note, SKYPE dropped about halfway through the discussion)   


Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt)

Thanks to David Koss for serving as President in 2018. Welcome Kenny Harris to the NRMRC!

Consent Agenda Move: Larry Hicks, Second: John Wallis, motion passed


Treasurer's Report (see file on website)

Minutes of the Last Meeting  


Train Shows

Past Train Show Reports (report details online)

Upcoming Train Shows (use links for details and to register for the events)


Standards Committee (no action required at the meeting)

  • Appointment of Paul Ohegyi as T-Trak Standards Coordinator (Todd Shoffeitt)
  • Apex Junction coordination (Todd Shoffeitt)
  • Potential Module Projects (David Derway)
         Dave Koss Switching Module
         Crossover module using Kato turnouts and double slip. (John Wallis)
         Refurbish Dismal Swamp
         Repair Appalachian Coal
         (2) 4’ FitzGerald Yard additions

Announcements/Information (no action required at the meeting)

  • Website use for train shows (Todd Shoffeitt)
    All correspondence, comments, and train show registrations can and should be noted on the page set up for the show. To access the show page, go to our website, and click on Event/Train Shows. All information is available there. With the exception of broadcasting the event, Yahoo Groups and Forum Topics are not used for shows. You must be logged in to access the Show details and to register.

    • Use of the Website Forum vs. Yahoo Groups (Todd Shoffeitt)
      Yahoo Groups is mainly used for broadcast information and announcements. The Forum tab is where conversations occur on specific topics. Members are asked to become familiar with the use of the website.
    • Work Session for T-Trak Modules on Feb 18 (Todd Shoffeitt)
    • Geoff Flegel investigating T-Trak shows at hospitals. Let Geoff know if you wish to participate. Sly will work with Geoff on this.
    • Suggestions/ideas for future programs – post online (Gerry Foster)
      Most members are not engaging on this topic. Please post your ideas on the Forum discussion set up for this purpose.
  • Facebook -upping the ante. (Larry Hicks)
    We currently have 1,328 Facebook followers worldwide, so we should be making use of this communication vehicle. Members who have Facebook accounts are encouraged to go to the NRMRC and ‘Like’ the page. This will provide you with FB updates on club activities, posts from other clubs on FB, and curious train related posts. Members are encouraged to post to this site. Upcoming shows, pictures from past shows, or other events, ideas you wish to share. Peruse through this page to determine what you wish to add. We are not taking advantage of this tool.
  • Recruitment and Onboarding. In his VP role, Sly Glass heads up our recruitment efforts. He is currently working on a welcome letter. It is suggested that a dedicated person be tagged to provide information to new members. (NOTE: right now, as Secretary, Larry Hicks usually is the first contact, either through online questions, or registrations).


Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • Web page transfer to current website (John Wallis, Christopher Thompson) John to pull the information together and work with Christopher and Larry on migrating it to our new site.

New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • Discussion and Vote - Reimbursement for trailer towing – Todd Shoffeitt
    Following a protracted discussion on reimbursing member who tow the club trailer, two motions were offered, seconded, and approved.

    • Move to reimburse members who tow the club trailer Moved: Sly, Second: David Koss, motion passed
    • Move to use the Federal per-mile non-profit travel reimbursement rate (Currently 18.4/ cents per mile) Moved: Larry Hicks, Second: Sly Glass, motion passed
  • Cyprus Retirement Community T-TRAK - March 31st Superintendent – Gerry Foster, Bob Milback, Superintendent Trainee
  • NRV Spring Forward Train Show T-TRAK - May 5th Superintendent – Todd Shoffeitt

Next Meeting: March 7, 2018, Mark Blaustein - host
          NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the meeting page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions.

Program Topic Hands on use of NRMRC webpage – Larry Hicks & Christopher Thompson

Show and Tell (attendees encouraged to bring something to share)


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