NRMRC Meeting Highlights - January 2018

Monthly Meeting

Date:   January 10, 2018         Time: 6:00 pm

Host:   Annual Meeting  - Golden Corral, Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh NC


•     Attendance: 20

Welcome (David Koss)

Consent Agenda  Moved: John Wallis, Second Sly Glass, contingent on Treasurer Report reconciliation


Treasurer's Report (see file on website) The financial report does not equal what the bank says we have, off by $45.07. Joe Johnston tasked to review transactions for missing item(s).

Minutes of the Last Meeting


Upcoming Train Shows

  • World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour, Charlotte, January 13-14 2018. Setup on the 12th. Be there by 1:00
  • T-TRAK Show in Galloway Ridge – February 3rd. Mark Blaustein – Superintendent. Full auditorium available this round. T-TRAK.
  • New Bern (Feb 24-25) – details to be determined

      Old Business (David Koss)

  • N-TRAK E-Newsletter - if members are not receiving this emailing, please let Larry know. The list will be revised following the collection of dues for (Full Members will receive the e-letter)
  • A reminder that we are completing the inventory of our modules for insurance coverage. Todd is working on this.

New Business (David Koss)

  • Elections: Nominations were opened for Officers and a Director for 2018. Election slate, President - Todd Shoffeitt, Vice President - Sly Glass, Treasurer – Joe Johnston, Secretary - Larry Hicks, Director Paul Ohegyi (Mark Blaustein withdrew from consideration). Move to Approve, David Koss, Second, John Wallis , Mark, Joel, Dave Derway, Mark is up - Paul, nominations closed - Dave motion - John 2nd. David Koss emeritus …


Our New Board:

President: Todd Shoffeitt,

Vice President - Sly Glass,

Treasurer – Joe Johnston,

Secretary - Larry Hicks,

Directors – Joel McCurry, David Derway, Paul Ohegyi  


Next Meeting: February 7, 2018, David Koss, HOst

5 Minute Tip: TBD

Program: Best Practices, John Wallis

Meeting Adjourned



Flickr photos from the group Eastern N Lines



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