NRMRC Meeting Highlights June 2018

Monthly Meeting
Date:  June 6, 2018           Time: 7:30 pm
Attendees:10, SKYPE:5, Guests:3 - Brian Brown, Greg Brynildson, Jim Songer  (Welcome!!!)
Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt)
Consent Agenda   Move: John Wallis   Second: Mark Blaustein
Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
Minutes of the Last Meeting
Train Shows
Past Train Show Reports (report details online)

  • Johnson City – NTRAK - David Koss Superintendent   

NOTE: Send reports to Larry Hicks, if having trouble posting reports, events, etc.
Upcoming Train Shows (use links for details and to register for the events)

  • Duke Ronald McDonald House Train Show, T-TRAK Sunday (June 10th), 1:00 – 5:00 Bob McConnell Superintendent. Set up @ 11:00 am – see notes.
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions.
  • Windsor Point, N-TRAK show. Preference: July 21-22nd  Paul Ohegyi and John Wallis Co-Superintendents. Set up on a Friday.
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions.

Standards Committee (no action required at the meeting)

  • NTRAK Project Update, David Derway

    • Crossover module proposal Crossover module work proposal. Topic for Discussion. Move to proceed & budget $250, John Wallis, Second Larry Hicks. Frank Fezzie to provide restored module at Danville.
  • T-TRAK Update, Paul Ohegyi

    • Todd updated on Apex Junction – hope to be completed by end of July, in time for the national convention.


  • Call for meeting sites and programs for August and onward – Gerry Foster

    • August - Charles Eisner, September – NRV?

Announcements/Information (no action required at the meeting)

  • Information update on Kansas City National Convention John Wallis, Paul Ohegyi

Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt)

  • Groups.IO report from committee.
    Move to Convert: Todd Shoffeitt, with provision of training as needed, Second: Sly Glass
  • Jr Engineer operator training update. Gerry Foster to write up general guidelines. Members encouraged to take advantage of show time to learn the simple instructions.
  • Hangouts for improved utilization and member knowledge and compliance.  Training/procedures to be developed. Members need to buy in and use the technology. Sly to lead, Larry & possibly Christopher to assist.  Try it over the next two weeks, with Sly sending invite to SKYPE users to participate
  • Storage Unit Interior revamp – further discussion and set date for work - Todd Shoffeitt - Dave & Todd to tackle the issues.
  • DCC Education and Training committee – tabled until July

New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • NRV Clubhouse as potential NRMRC location? Topic for Discussion Joe Johnston will inquire about NRMRC meeting at NRV clubhouse
  • Selma Show proposal, October 4-6 T-TRAK – vote to commit – John Wallis Superintendent Move: Larry Hicks, Second: Gerry Foster
  • Johnston Health Clayton Hospital, T-TRAK Proposed August 25th – vote to commit – Geoff Flegel Superintendent Move: Sly Glass, Second Larry Hicks

Next Meeting
July 11, 2018 7:30 Host: Sly Glass
Program Topic – JMRI John Wallis

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