NRMRC Meeting Highlights - March 2017

March 1, 2017 Minutes


Attendees – 13, 4 via SKYPE

  1. Welcome (Dave Koss) Thanks Todd for hosting. Seven folks showed for last Sunday’s running of trains.
  2. Consent Agenda Motion to approve: Mark Blaustein, Second: John Wallis
    a. Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
    b. Minutes of the Last Meeting
  3. Immediately Past and Upcoming Train Shows
    1. Stone Ridge Retirement Center at Cary Towne Center, February 11 - 12. Superintendent: Joel McCurry. T-TRAK. Well attended.
    2. New Bern, March 4-5, 2017 Dave Derway Superintendent NTRAK – Set up to go … load shed Friday 10:00 NTRAK only
    3. Proposed - Carol Woods for April 2017 T-TRAK, Joe Johnston superintendent. Approved date - April 1st. Joe will be notified.
    4. TCA, May 6, 2017. Only one day - Superintendent John Wallis T-TRAK
    5. Spencer Shops, May 12-13, (Friday & Saturday). Still need superintendent coordinating with Central Carolina and Lynchburg – John to check the details with Gill Brausch. Spencer on hold. NTRAK only.
    6. Johnson City TN, first Friday and Saturday, June 2-3, 2017. Need superintendent to coordinate with Lynchburg. NTRAK only
    7. Windsor Point: Because of Johnson City and NSE in Pittsburgh (June 21 – 25) we probably should aim for a different weekend for this show than our normal Father’s Day weekend (June 17-18). Still awaiting information. NTRAK only
    8. National N Scale Convention (NSE) Pittsburgh June 20-24 2017 - John Wallis will provide both NTRAK, T-TRAK
    9. Proposed - Grand Strand Model Train Show the weekend of November 11/12 (week after NRV) in Myrtle Beach SC. Last year we were invited and chose not to go. This year they have invited all the ENL clubs so we should re-evaluate based on how many ENL clubs decide to participate. T-TRAK or NTRAK. Currently iffy for NRMRC. – Info item only at this time.
  4. Standards Committee Update (David Derway)
    1. Apex – the Junction module is at Todd’s house – ballast work to be done, then rail painting, then scratch building by Rick Deleflav, Paul Ohegyi, and Terry Baker – deadline for completion is the N Scale National Convention in Pittsburgh
    2. The Corner Module Set – Gray Rock 90% done, with temporary skyboard. Covered Bridge 85% done. All to be completed in time for New Bern.
    3. Trailer modifications – designing rollaway carts, added front shelf for loose items.
    4. NOTE: If there are any additional items that need to be added for the Standards Committee to address, please let David Derway know.
  5. Education Committee Update (Gerry Foster)
    1. We need to discuss and plan the “Best Practices” programs, get presenters and schedule them in the first half of this year. John will put together thoughts on this issue.
    2. Next month at Paul’s house (3rd floor) still need program for April, have 5 minute tip. Still need programs throughout the year
    3. Monday night, March 6th, 7:00. John needs a substitute for presentation to St. James, 3808 St. James Road, Raleigh. Larry Card volunteered to step in.
  6. Communications Update (Larry Hicks)
    1. Migrating from Yahoo Groups to NRMRC communications. Still a work in progress. Still some speedbumps. Evaluating the transition at this point – Larry Hicks
    2. Facebook page – Currently have ~ 1,290 followers! We’ve been posting a few tidbits to hold interest. The NRMRC membership on Facebook is encouraged to like & follow the site.
    3. Education online – thoughts? Still need follow through
    4. Videos for website – try to video New Bern. Suggest also, use the Flickr account and post - will provide instructions. On agenda for next month at Paul’s home. Currently evaluating this discussion.
  7. Old Business (Dave Koss)
    1. Emergency funds, project funds. Propose $3,000 in reserve, $2,000 for ongoing module projects. Need to assess annual revenues. Todd raised the question about insurance? – Todd will work with Joe about potential insurance options, plus calculate proposed revenues from dues. Dave Koss will draft a document for use in obtaining coverage.
    2. Carole Woods – proposed T-TRAK Reasonable to request. Propose April 1st. Joe Johnston will be notified. He will also be the Superintendent.
    3. Brown line – deadline for T-TRAK – set up work session.
    4. N-TRAK Meeting – The vote on new standards is in. Over 85% voted for the standards.
  8. New Business (Dave Koss)


  1. Next Meeting: Paul Ohegyi

5-Minute Tip: Mortar lines on brick walls
Program: Using Flickr for show reports (Still TBD)

  1. Meeting Adjourn Motion to adjourn: Larry Hicks
  2. Programs / Hands-on workshops
    1. LED lighting led by Paul Ohegyi
    2. Coupler repair and maintenance led by Todd Shoffeitt
    3. JMRI Decoder Pro programming led by John Wallis

      Overall, the hands-on workshops were positively received. Thanks to the session leaders!




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