NRMRC Meeting Highlights October 2017

Attendance: 10, 5 SKYPE

Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt)

Consent Agenda Motion: Andy Zimmerman Second: John Wallis


Minutes of the Last Meeting  

Train Shows

Danville Old 97 Railroad Days


Treasurer's Report (see file on website) Requires review for potential corrections


Upcoming Train Shows

  • Selma, October 5 – 7. Email issued asking for participation and modules. First visitors 9:30 a.m.Thursday. Setup at 7:30.
  • Neuse River Valley Show, November 3 setup, show Nov 4-5, N-Trak with Eastern N Lines, T-Trak, Dave Koss - NRMRC Superintendent, John Wallis – T-TRAK Superintendent. We will have the same location and space. ENL clubs invited at Danville. Suggested that Junior Engineer layout be more to front of overall space than back where it was last year.
  • TCA Show, December 2-3, John Wallis Superintendent: T-TRAK only: Will pursue in November
  • World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour, Charlotte, January 13-14 2018. Setup on the 12th. Central Carolina Organizing: we have indicated to Central Carolina that we would be participating. ENL clubs invited at Danville. John Wallis to inquire about T-TRAK. Need a NRMRC Coordinator. Superintendent from Gil Brauch w/ Central Carolina Club.
  • T-TRAK Show in Galloway Ridge – February 3rd. Mark Blaustein – Superintendent. Full auditorium available this round. T-TRAK. Will make the call for modules in December.
  • Upcoming TCA (February) & Newbern (Feb 24-25) shows TBD

Standards Committee Update (David Derway)

NOTE: If there are any additional items that need to be added for the Standards Committee to address, please let David Derway know.


Grey Rock / Covered Bridge Corner: Completed

Covered Bridge: Completed.

Apex Module: John Wallis to call meeting re Apex Junction so it can be scenicked and finished. Discuss at NRV. Issue could be light related.

FitzGerald Yard: FitzGerald Yard signaling issues corrected.

Long Bridge: Center support leg for Mountain Division. Awaiting input from David Derway. Temporary fix will be a stick that David Derway will provide.

Second Crossover Module: detailed design using Unitrak to be completed by November meeting (Wallis)


Trailer Update: No information available.

Metal stanchion cart. Design underway, needs budgeting, manufacture.

Plastic stanchion base cart. Design underway, needs budgeting, manufacture.

Ramp entry easement. Needs design, budgeting, manufacture.

Clamp instructions: To be laminated and installed: Instructions printed. McCurry/Derway


Communications Update (Larry Hicks)

Pages transfers from the old web site to the new. Action: Larry Hicks/Chris Thompson

Members encouraged to provide articles and pics to be posted to Facebook. Those on Facebook are encouraged to go to the NRMRC page and like is, to become one of the 1,300+ followers on our page. Search ‘NRMRC’ and you will see the site with our logo. You can avoid the older site out there.

Through Flicker, members should also provide pictures to events on the website.

Larry Hicks to check on competing North Raleigh FB page (David Dowel).

Education online – thoughts?  Still need follow through.

Still stuff on old website that needs to be moved to the new site. Specific topics to be provided.


Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt)

  • We will need a project to take detailed photos on the modules and inventory. Include a site location for storing and updating the list/pictures. At the next meetings, we will determine details on how this will be accomplished. John photographed all T-TRAK Modules. Will also photo inventory the electronics. NOTE: pics can be used for module pics on the website.
  • Trailer and ability to pull the trailer – discussion. David Koss will check on the perspective of a car rental agency. No progress made, further discussion needed. Gerry will check on whether vehicle rentals will permit towing of private trailer.
  • Creating hands-on public sessions to attract new hobbyists. Work continues. Plan for 2018. Todd Shoffeitt, Paul Ohegyi, David Koss, Sly Glass.
  • Stanchions update: Info provided to Gerry Foster to help with planning improvements/replacements for out metal stanchions.
  • Changes coming to NTRAK due to loss of two Directors (death, resignation). More to come at December meeting.
  • Gene Sing of the Piedmont Model RR Museum is planning to rent a 1,400 sq ft storefront in Cary Town Center. There will be room for us, if we wish, to set up a small NTRAK or a larger T-TRAK layout. Note: the store will not be open for all Mall hours. Interest was expressed depending on additional information to come. Propose an exploration committee, John Wallis to determine committee membership. Members encouraged to drop by and look at the space.


New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) none

Next Meeting: November 1, 2017 Al Guckes

     5-Minute Tip: TBD

     Program: “Diners” Al Guckes


Meeting Adjourned 8:25 p.m.



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