NRMRC Meeting Highlights October 2018

Attendance  -  10,   Hangouts  - 8
Welcome (Todd Shoffeitt)             
Consent Agenda - Joel McCurry Move, John Walllis, Second
     Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
     Minutes of the Last Meeting
Train Shows
Past Train Shows

Upcoming Train Shows (use links for details and to register for the events)

  • Selma Rail Days, Thursday, October 4 to Saturday, October 6. John Wallis, Superintendent, Gerry Foster, Assistant Superintendent – paid show $150
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions
  • Neuse River Valley Model Train Show, Friday November 2 – Sunday November 4, 2018, Todd Shoffeitt - Primary Superintendent, John Wallis & Christopher Thompson - T-TRAK, Dave Koss & Mike Floyd – NTRAK. Folks need to sign up on the website for the T-TRAK modules. Will have a sale table for the event plus the Jr. Engineer setup.
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions

Standards Committee (no action required at the meeting)

  • NTRAK Project Update, David Derway

    • Crossovers Update – Frank Fezzie did a great job. Module ran flawless at Danville. Also highlighted brackets for working on the module. Skyboard now removable. Video on FB website. Needs a little scenery touchup. If folks interested, work after NRV, let David now.
    • North Raleigh Corner Repairs – Weak legs and prior damage, plus damage at Danville. Damage repaired. A building needs to be reattached at NRV.
  • T-TRAK Update, Todd Shoffeitt
  • Work Session for Apex Complex – fixed a lot of wiring track repair. Some scenery issues. Paul to look into that. A switch needs replaces – ground throw

Education (Gerry Foster
DCC Education and Training committee progress report – Gerry Foster. Good for next month at Mark Blaustein. December at Joel’s – need a program.
Announcements/Information (no action required at the meeting)

Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt)

  • Additional Income Sources

    • A donation box at shows – need it built – G-scale boxcar recommended.
    • Sale Table at NRV - $.30 on the dollar. Donations are deductible. Members will take donation form and record items to be donated.
  • Little World charities Display – Dave Koss (absent – update later)

New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • TCA Show – December 1&2, Scott Auditorium, North Carolina State Fairgrounds John Wallis move to approve, Second, Gerry Foster
    Friday afternoon setup. T-TRAK only. 10 table E-shape layout. Superintendent – John Wallis, Assistant Superintendent - Charles Eisner
  • NTRAK Board Meeting, John Wallis – proposal to N-Scale Enthusiast that NTRAK manage the setup T-TRAK, NTRAK, FREMO and up to 9 clinics at Chicago. June 26-30 2019. Could be the last big convention. Starting in 2020, convention will be smaller. Details to follow.
  • Preliminary Budget Review, Todd Shoffeitt. Presented a cash flow analysis to indicate the needs list.

Show and Tell
Bring in a project, a purchase, a find, something interesting to share with the club
Next Meeting
November 7, 2018 7:30 Host: Mark Blaustein
Program Topic – Best Practice, John Wallis

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