NRMRC Meeting Highlights September 2018

September 5. 2018,
Treasurer's Report (see file on website)
Minutes of the Last Meeting
Approved with unanimous vote
Train Shows
Past Train Show Reports (report details online)
Johnson Health, Clayton Hospital. August 25th T-TRAK Geoff Flegel Superintendent
No other comments or issues other than what was reported in the show report
Upcoming Train Shows (use links for details and to register for the events)

  • Danville, September 21, 2018 to September 23, 2018
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions. Dave Thompson  -DCC Master, John Wallis coordinating NRMRC’s part. Chris Thompson, Joe Johnston to assist to learn DCC (see DCC Education below)

No issues, preparations are on target and on schedule

  • Selma Rail Days, Thursday, October 4 to Saturday, October 6. John Wallis, plus one, Superintendent
    NOTE: Participants are asked to register online on the show page (link below). Click on the blue Registration tab and follow the instructions.

No issues, preparations are on target and on schedule, will be U-shaped layout with no Apex
Standards Committee (no action required at the meeting)

  • NTRAK Project Update, David Derway 

Crossovers wiring and track repairs being done by Frank Fezzie are on schedule and module will be delivered to club at Danville Show, won’t be able to complete scenery, decided that we would refresh at future date

  • T-TRAK Update
    Work Session for Apex Complex on September 29-30

Agreed to work session to repair Apex Complex on Sept.29th at 10 am at Todd Shoffeitt’s residence.  Any carryover work will be completed on September 30.  Todd will coordinate, will work on transport issues of tables and Apex North and South and will announce session to club.
Education (Gerry Foster
 DCC Education and Training committee progress report
No progress on DCC training program, on the job training for Mike Floyd with NTrak DCC and Sly Glass for T-Trak DCC ongoing
Announcements/Information (no action required at the meeting)

  • Larry Hick’s 3rd Place People’s Choice award at National Train Show
  • Model Contest at Nick’s Trains
  • Expedition to Virginia Beach Train Show October 13

Old Business (Todd Shoffeitt)

  • Potential Projects List - attached –

No volunteers to take possession of any of these projects except T-TRAK crossovers

  • Additional Income Sources

    • A donation box at shows
      Have received tentative permission from George Laszley to do this at NRV, looking for someone to come up with a design and fabricate something
    • Sale table at NRV?
      Todd will discuss with George Lazley and have a sale table set-up near our layout.  Will get donations from Club members and others to sell.  Final arrangements to be made at October meeting.  Gerry Foster agreed to be coordinator for this effort
  • Preparation for NRV
  • Formal invitations to other clubs to participate in both NTRAK and T-TRAK

Todd will send these to Central Carolina, Lynchburg and French Broad for both T and Ntrak from list given by John Wallis

  • Work Sessions to inspect and repair modules before the show

Apex already mentioned, none needed other than repairs to Raleigh Yard thought needed for NTRAK

  • Todd Shoffeitt -Overall Superintendent

T-Trak Subdivision Superintendent – John Wallis & Chris Thompson
NTR Subdivision Superintendent – Mike Floyd & Dave Koss

 New Business (Todd Shoffeitt) (requires discussion, action and/or vote at the meeting)

  • NRV Show – November 3-4, set-up Nov. 2

Voted- unanimous for Club commitment to do this show

  • Return T-TRAK show October 27th – Cypress of Raleigh - Bob Milback and Gerry Foster Show Superintend

Voted, unanimous for Club commitment to do show

  • New club project: Durham Ronald McDonald House – David Koss

Dave Koss presented this to the club along with Tim Gabriel from Little World Charity and brought the display case for us to work on.  Dave will chair this project and call for materials and work sessions from members and present an estimated cost after initial planning sessions.  Target date for completion is on or near Thanksgiving. 

  • Donuts???

In light of the expense incurred by members and the club for these and the club’s continue need for caffeine and sugar at shows, a discussion was initiated on how we should handle this in the future.  Charles Eisener suggested that we set up a donation container near the donuts at each show set-up and members who partake of coffee and donuts put money in the container to reimburse the purchaser for them.  This was agreed to be an eminently common sense solution and was agreed to by vote unanimously.  Todd asked for someone to come up with an appropriately labeled container by the next show.
Show and Tell
Bring in a project, a purchase, a find, something interesting to share with the club
Next Meeting
October 3, 2018 7:30 Host: Al Gukes
Program Topic - Soldering, Paul Ohegyi
Social Time

  • Salt Lake City & KC National Train Convention updates, John Wallis

Project List for NTRAK and T-TRAK
As created at July 14 NRMRC board meeting

  • 2nd six foot crossover to match up with current “Crossovers” module
  • A second balloon loop
  • A right hand T junction
  • Lightweight Corner Modules


  • Add Scenery to Yard and Apex crossovers – Todd Shoffeitt
  • Add Scenery to Club owned singles
  • Lighten and reduce in size Apex case
  • Add wheels to Apex Case




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