NRMRC Meeting - January 2018

Meeting Date: 
Jan 10 2018
Program Title: 
Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting to be held at the Golden Corral, 6129 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh NC

  • Dinner & Socializing begins @ 6:00 pm
  • Gift Exchange (See attached rules)
  • Meeting Agenda

Consent Agenda  


Treasurer's Report (see file on website)

Minutes of the Last Meeting


Upcoming Train Shows

  • World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour, Charlotte, January 13-14 2018. Setup on the 12th. Central Carolina Organizing: we have indicated to Central Carolina that we would be participating. John Wallis contacted the World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour management about a T-TRAK layout. They currently have no space, but will keep us in mind if anyone requires less space than requested or cancels. Gil Brauch has requested a preliminary list of module we might take to Charlotte — these are FitzGerald Yard (12 ft.), Marion (12 ft.), Derway modules (20 ft.), Blaustein modules (8 ft.), Red Rock Junction and the club corners.
  • T-TRAK Show in Galloway Ridge – February 3rd. Mark Blaustein – Superintendent. Full auditorium available this round. T-TRAK. Will make the call for modules in December. Galloway Ridge will be discussed following WGH.


  • Board Election




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