NRMRC Meeting - July 2017

Meeting Date: 
Jul 12 2017
Hosted by: 
Joe Johnston
Program Title: 
N-Scale Enthusiasts Conventi0n highlights from Pittsburgh
Presented by: 
John Wallis
5-min tip: 
Maintenance and repair of freight cars, David Koss 2nd 5-Minute Tip: Preparing T-TRAK modules, Todd Shoffeitt
Presented by: 
David Koss
Todd Shoffeitt



Welcome (Dave Koss)


Consent Agenda


Treasurer's Report (see file on website)

Minutes of the Last Meeting


Shows Reports

National N Scale Convention (NSE), Pittsburgh June 21 - 25 2017



Upcoming Train Shows

  • Windsor Point: July 29-30 confirmed, setup July 28th. John Wallis, Superintendent
  • Danville Old 97 Rail Days. NTRAK John Wallis Superintendent. September 23 - 24 with setup on the 22nd. NOTE: The TCA show will be in Danville the same weekend, but NRMRC will not participate in that segment. We will start working out the details while in Pittsburgh.
  • Selma, October 5 – 7. We have been asked to have the layout operating on the Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday. We owe them a yes or no. T-TRAK John will commit (yes).
  • Proposed - Grand Strand Model Train Show the weekend of November 11/12 (week after NRV) in Myrtle Beach SC. Last year we were invited and chose not to go. This year they have invited all the ENL clubs so we should re-evaluate based on how many ENL clubs decide to participate. Leave for discussion in Pittsburgh. Also same time as Bluefield. May be an individual participation.
  • World’s Greatest Hobby on Tour, Charlotte, January 2018. Determine interest in participating and advise coordinator Gil Brauch. We will participate.
  • T-TRAK Show in Galloway Ridge – spring 2018. Need to determine possible Saturday dates in 2018 for Mark Blaustein to investigate. Await next meeting. Great turnout last time.


Standards Committee Update (David Derway)

NOTE: If there are any additional items that need to be added for the Standards Committee to address, please let David Derway know.


Grey Rock / Covered Bridge Corner:

Wiring permanent fix - Final Issue to be resolved at Pittsburgh. Kalenowski/Derway

Backdrop update - - Backdrop completed. C. Thompson/Paul Ohegyi. Paul has ranger station and vehicles for covered bridge

  Apex Module: Scenic update Balloon module scenery, Junction track work and scenery.

  FitzGerald Yard:

        Sides to protect interior details completed: Kalenowski / Derway

        Circuit breaker on each main buss: Experimental solid state 1156 light bulb circuit protection found by John Wallis. To be installed on T-TRAK yard to try out.     

        Need to install on Fitz, maybe at Windsor Point

   Gold Hill:

        Blue Line gauge issue. Track section replaced by J. Peacock and Jim K. No issues at Johnson City


        Scenic refresh. Module review by Jim K. and David D. Thursday.

        Budgeting, fund approval, afterward.  J. Kalenowski/Derway

        Track piece fix. Derway – points cleaned, worked well at Johnson City.

   Long Bridge: Center support leg for Mountain Division. Needs design, manufacture.


Trailer Updates

Metal stanchion cart. Design underway, needs budgeting, manufacture.

Plastic stanchion base cart. Design underway, needs budgeting, manufacture.

Ramp entry easement. Needs design, budgeting, manufacture.

Clamp instructions: To be laminated and installed: Instructions printed. McCurry/Derway

Door chain. McCurry/Derway - Complete.


Education Committee Update (Gerry Foster)

     Need 5 Minute Modeling Tips starting June until December, excepting November,

       plus Programs for July through December, excepting November

To date, we have Jim Reske with a TBA program in September and Al Guckes with a program on 'Diners' for November. All other months are open for programs.  5 Minute Tips are open for the balance of the year. For July, slideshow & video on Pittsburgh Convention, David Koss on maintenance and repair of freight cars. For August, T-TRAK build program.

We could still use some direction on best practices, either NTRAK or T-TRAK. Some direction on the trailer/storage shed coordination of what goes where before and after shows.


Communications Update (Larry Hicks)

Education online – thoughts?  Still need follow through.

Still stuff on old website that needs to be moved to the new site. Specific topics to be provided.


Old Business (Dave Koss)

  • Trailer Insurance Coverage – Club owns their trailers (Virginia) – will ask other clubs in Pittsburgh. David Koss & Jim Kalenowski will explore.
  • Request to assist with an HO layout in Spencer – David Koss will respond
  • Trailer and ability to pull the trailer – discussion. David Koss will check on the perspective of a car rental agency. Discussion will continue.
  • T-TRAK modules – creating new modules and plan for review & replacing old/failing modules. Propose that Joe Peacock make 2 custom junction modules and Charles Eisner will purchase and own the modules, to be provided to the club. 15 new preassembled modules being purchased by members. Working groups for setup, painting, track, wiring, accessory busses if desired, etc. Asking John Wallis and Joe Peacock to assist.
  • Creating hands-on public sessions to attract new hobbyists. NRMRC Open House –

Propose a committee to detail an approach. Todd Shoffeitt, Paul Ohegyi, David Koss,

Sly Glass. Determine what & where.


New Business (Dave Koss).

  •   Layout donation - any interest ??
  •   Eastern N-Lines at the Neuse River Annual Show ??
  •   Possible coordination with Wake County Libraries ??
  •   New Module construction


Next Meeting: August 2, 2017 Todd Shoffeitt 

5-Minute Tip: TBD

Program: Hands-on building of T-TRAK modules



Meeting Adjourn

Refreshments and Socializing

5-Minute Tip: Maintenance and repair of freight cars, David Koss

2nd 5-Minute Tip: Preparing T-TRAK modules, Todd Shoffeitt

Program: Slideshow highlights of the Pittsburgh Convention




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