2018 Cypress of Raleigh

2018  Cypress of Raleigh Show Report
This was our first show with Cypress of Raleigh retirement community in Raleigh. Our T-Trak group, along with some N-Trak guys attended the show. The total through out the day was 16 members and associates. Several of us were there at 7:30 with the arrival of the trailer at 7:45. Unloading and set up was from 7:45 to 9:40 at which time track cleaning trains started running the tracks. There was a great turnout of members and guests, along with grandchildren visiting for the holiday weekend. Coffee and donuts were made available by Cypress at the opening bell with hotdogs for lunch and snacks and lemonade available all afternoon. Cypress appreciated the show and has already ask if we could come back again. I look forward to making this an annual event. Thanks to Bob and Becky for the contact and coordination of a very smooth flow in and out for the modules.
Operation of trains
With our group coming to run trains, there were 5 to 6 trains running all day with a peak of 7 trains on the two tracks for a number of hours during peak visitor attendance.  We did a great job for our initial presentation at the show.
Digitrax Wifi
The DCC system powered by our DCS51 operated flawlessly throughout the show. However, we could not get the Raspberry Pi3 WiThrottle/Router to talk to JMRI. The only change in our computer since Galloway Ridge was the usual automated Windows 10 update. Will do some testing to determine the problem and resolve it. We ended up using two LNWI units which gave us 8 simultaneous operators. We did run 7 trains simultaneously at once.
Module Comments
Several modules had issues with track spacing and end commections. These will be passed on to the owners for correction.
Take Down
The take down of the modules started a 4:00 pm with all modules loaded and leaving the parking area by 4:55 pm.
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Final Layout

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