Carol Woods 2018

Second Show

This was our second show at Carol Woods retirement community in Chapel Hill. We had eleven members present plus Bob McGeehan came and rejoined for 2018. Several arrived at 7:30 and when Paul arrived with the trailer, we started set up in serious. Coffee was furnished by Carol Woods and Becky furnished bagels and cream cheese, after the superintendent ignored cries of distress for donuts Carol Woods furnished lunch which was appreciated by club members.


We had up to 8 trains running with no serious accidents or injuries. One time one of my rail-carrying cars tipped over and the caboose behind it caught up with the previous car and coupled to it., without the train stopping.


The DCC system powered by our DCS51 operated flawlessly throughout the show. We used John's Raspberry Pi system which alloyed the Android apps(not iPhone) to operate trains. This has no limitation on the number of devices that can be connected as do the LNWI deices which have a limit of 4 connections for each unit but does allow iPhone usage.(8 LNWi's  x 4 connections = 32 trains)

Module Comments

The big hit was Larry's drive-in module; many of the residents remembered this when they were young I was happy to get my Faller Ferris wheel installed whose motor ran directly on the 15Vac auxiliary buss. Many residents express thanks for the show.

Take Down

The take down of the modules started a 4:00 pm with all modules loaded and leaving the parking area by 5 pm.


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