Danville Old 97 Rail Days 2018

Danville, VA ©Danville, VA

NRMRC Coordinator’s Report — Danville 2018 Show

Ten members of the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club attended the 2018 Old 97 Rail Days weekend in Danville, September 21 – 23.


The good news is that we had an excellent smooth running layout and a DCC system that operated as it should, making for a good time running trains. Only one module in the entire layout was not scenicked, but it did operate well.


The bad news is that N. Raleigh corner module has been damaged, and will need to be repaired before NRV. Another club was removing their module that was located next to N. Raleigh corner. In the process one of the leg pairs on N. Raleigh collapsed and one leg of the pair was broken. Several buildings on the module were also damaged.


Frank Fezzie did a tremendous job fixing the problems with the track on Crossovers, plus enhancing the module overall. The trackwork is now flawless and well ballasted. He also installed an improved leveling arrangement plus the module braces can be solidly fastened in place. Frank also constructed a method for mounting the module so it could be rotated up or down to simplify the construction and wiring process.


An excellent time was had by all.


John Wallis



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