Johnston Health Clayton Hospital 2018

Engage & entertain hospital staff & their families, patients & their families/visitors, & the general public
16 club members participating
81 visitors with close to half being children
Great participation in scavenger hunt for layout details
Hospital campus manager pleased with the layout quality & look of the overall display
Some club members had a free health screening

- Results varied depending if donuts/coffee were consumed before the screening or not
New Module Debut = Sly Glass, Charles Eisner, Mark Blaustein
Layout Scenery = ~88% of modules sceniced
                                35 modules in layout, 4 unsceniced crossovers, assumes Wallis yard as sceniced
Venue area comfortable with good access to the layout, parking, restrooms, & food
~7:45am started
~9:00am all modules connected
~9:25am track operational after team resolved track power short 
Christopher Thompson, Gerry Foster, & Todd Shoffeitt set up tables & laid modules per plan
Mike Floyd checked all module to module rail joints & adjusted as necessary
Ryan Flegel & Bob Milback ran 2 track cleaning cars
Sly Glass lead DCC set up with John Wallis providing assistance as needed
John Wallis & Todd Shoffeitt performed troubleshooting & adjustments on Apex dead turnout
40 minutes start to stop with cars/trailer packed & room emptied
Multiple instances by multiple club members putting tools & other objects on sceniced modules
Modules are becoming more & more detailed, we cannot risk damaging someone’s module
Action:  Do not place objects (outside of rail cars on tracks) on modules that do not belong to you 
ICE MAN = Tracks at right side joint too wide per Kato blue track gauge
​Event Action:  Joe Austin & Mark Blaustein loosened track screw to shift track inward
​Permanent Fix:  Joe Austin to investigate further & adjust track spacing
YAVIN 4 = Rail high on outside track toward middle of module causing stiction of rail cleaning car
​Event Action:  None, no issue to other rail cars
​Permanent Fix:  Sly Glass to investigate further on any adjustments to track
APEX LOOP = Turnout near pickup truck will not stay thrown to outer loop
​Event Action:  None, operators held turnout thrown while train passed
​Permanent Fix:  Club to investigate & repair
APEX NC NORTH = Turnout by electrical box showed further electrical issues in the last 1/4 of show
​Event Action:  Shut down Apex in last 1/4 of show
​Permanent Fix:  Club to investigate & repair
APEX JUNCTION = Left side, red line, 1st turnout operates ok when straight but forks loose when thrown
​​    Car wheels occasionally derailed picking the loose fork
​Event Action:  None, low frequency of occurrence
​Permanent Fix:  Club to investigate & repair, possible tightening of fork screw



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