Superintendent's Report - TCA May 6, 2017

Superintendent's Report

A total of 14 NRMRC members participated in the TCA Show on May 6, 2017 in the Scott Building at the Fairgrounds. Former member Dan Harker (of Harker Gulch fame) stopped by for a visit; Dan lives in Asheboro.


Our T-TRAK layout was U-shaped using six of our 10 tables. Due to transport issues the Apex modules were not in the layout. Once the usual tweaking of modules was completed the layout ran well. A dead track issue was found at the right of Yard crossover module 1 when the red turnout on the adjacent left throat module was thrown; this will be checked and repaired.The left end of Conhocton Valley modules was missing UniJoiners, and the UniJoiners at the right end of Brookside Tower were found to be damaged and replaced.

As planned two methods of protecting yard tracks against momentary short circuits when trains were being placed on the track were tested. These were a 1156 tail light and an small electronic circuit breaker. Following are the results:

  • The 1156 tail light activated and protected the main line at both of the Booster time settings of 1/8 and 1/2 seconds.
  • The electronic circuit breaker activated and protected the main line at the 1/2" Booster setting, but not at the 1/8 setting. The Booster shut down briefly before the circuit breaker opened the circuit.

Since we always operate our DCC system at the 1/2 second setting, the electronic circuit breaker will be permanent ly installed in the T-TRAK yard to protect the main lines from shorts on the siding tracks.

As our NTRAK layouts are fed through a PM42 Power Manager further testing will be required on an NTRAK module to determine if the electronic breaker operates faster than the PM42, which is a requirement.

Enjoyable show.

John Wallis


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