Train Collectors Association (TCA) Show Report

The Superintendent’s Report for the TCA Show this weekend follows.

The NRMRC participated in the TCA Show held at the Scott Building, NC State Fairgrounds on December 1, 2 and 3, 2017. A total of 18 club members participated. Excellent. An NVNTRAK member visiting relative in this area stopped by.

Setup began with the arrival of the tables on Friday afternoon about 4 pm and was complete with the exception of the Blaustein modules, which arrived Saturday morning. The layout was complete and fully operational a little after 9 am on Saturday, in plenty of time for the show opening to the public.

The usual issues surfaced in the first hour or so of operations — height adjustments, etc. After that the layout operated very well with only very minor issues the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday two trains operated per track for most of the day. On Sunday it was three trains per track. A new engineer, names Jamie, was hired to operate the P42 diesel on the point of an Amtrak Superliner train, which he did for several hours on both Saturday and Sunday. Jamie is most fortunate to have Kim, the most patient Mother in the world.

Both the DCC system and the Raspberry Pi WiThrottle system operated flawlessly all weekend.

The DeMassi Memorial Train Wreck award was given to Todd Shoffeitt for two collisions.

The Junior Engineer layout catered to about 50 Junior Engineers. Thanks to Gerry, Todd, Sly, Rick and others for manning the JE layout.

Ken Mitchell has been the TCA “guy” organizing their shows for several years. Due to work commitments he cannot do this in 2018. While he is trying to find others to take over, currently there are no TCA shows scheduled for 2018 prior to the December show.

Module Issues

A repair was made to the wiring on the left yard throat module prior to this show. This repair caused a wire to rub against another wire under the module which cause a short circuit, which turned out to be difficult and time-consuming to find and correct.

A problem was found with the power routing mechanism in the turnout on the Yellow track at the left end of Apex Junction. This turnout needs to be repaired or replaced. Todd will do.

An enjoyable show.



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