2018 December Train Collectors Association (TCA) - Raleigh, NC

Show Date(s): 

Saturday, December 1 to Sunday, December 2

Show Superintendent Checklist
Prior to show

  • Contact the show organizer and determine logistics
  • Secure commitments for modules and members
  • Create a track plan or work with members to create one
  • Secure commitments from members to transport Club materials from home or storage shed to the show site.
  • Create schedule for loading, unloading at show, set-up, show times, take down and unloading
  • Arrange for food or hotels if necessary
  • Post or email all the above details to the members in a timely manner

The day of show

  • Supervise or appoint someone to supervise setup of tables, modules, curtains
  • Assist the DCC Master as necessary
  • Supervise or appoint someone to supervise track cleaning and test runs

Second Day of Show for two day shows

  • Supervise or appoint someone to supervise any repairs or modifications to the layout that are needed
  • Supervise or appoint someone to supervise track cleaning and test runs

During Show

  • Record any issues or problems with the layout, DCC system or infrastructure of layout and assign someone to repair them during the show or put them on a check list to address after the show
  • Make sure enough trains are running and that trains are removed from the layout during bio, food or shopping breaks
  • Make sure enough non-train running personnel are outside the layout interacting with the public

Take down

  • Coordinate packaging and loading of modules and equipment
  • Collect check from show organizers and send to treasurer
  • Write up show report
  • Send any follow-up correspondence to show organizers or other clubs


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