Eastern N Lines Partnership

Starting in 2003 the Club formed close alliances with a number of other NTRAK clubs in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey— the Eastern N Lines Partnership™. Clubs in the Partnership work together to organize and put on regional train shows, especially larger train shows, and visit with each other at local train shows.

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The Eastern N Lines (ENL) Partnership™ is a voluntary group of NTRAK Clubs located in the Mid-Atlantic region.  The ENL Partnership was formalized at the first Danville Old 97 Rail Days in September 2003 held to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Wreck of the Old 97. The Partnership came about originally to spread the effort involved with putting on a train show in a location that is not home base for any of the clubs, and at large conventions.
Organizationally, the ENL Partnership is a loose federation of NTRAK clubs. There is no formal entity or organizational structure, bylaws or politics. The group dynamic follows its most active and interested members by default. Leadership is just the leadership of joint participation.


The Eastern N Lines Partnership  represents a group of NTRAKers dedicated to the Digital Command Control (DCC) of trains, and "open operations" that ENL has developed over the years. ENL is not a "closed" partnership, but is a "specialized" partnership within NTRAK. Clubs considering joining ENL should understand this and be dedicated to the same specialization.

For information about the ENL Partnership or joining the Partnership please contact (John Wallis), (Jean-Marc Gadoury) or (Tim Hammack).

The current members of ENL are:

Central Carolina N Scalers

(CCNS) Hickory, NC


French Broad e'N'pire

(FBE) Hendersonville, NC


Grand Strand Model Railroad Club

Myrtle Beach, SC


Keystone NTRAK

(KN) Lansdale, PA


Lynchburg Area N Scalers

(LANS) Lynchburg, VA


New Jersey Southern

(NJS) Collingswood, NJ



North Raleigh Model Railroad Club

(NRMRC) Raleigh, NC


Peninsula Model Rail Road Club

(PMRRC) Newport News, VA


Richmond Area NTRAK

(RANTrak) Ashland, VA


South Hampton Roads NTRAK

(SHR) Norfolk, VA




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