NTRAK Modules

The module is the basic component of an NTRAK layout. Details of the modules that will be part of a layout, whether at a local clubhouse or at a train show, are vital to the successful design of the layout, in which various modules are interconnected. This page contain details of all NTRAK modules owned by Members and Associate Members of the North Raleigh Model Railroad Club (NRMRC) as well as Club-owned modules and modules on loan to the club.

A basic module is a 2-foot deep by four-, six- or eight-foot long section of a model railroad. Other dimensions are possible, but this is the most common.

There are normally three standard tracks on an NTRAK module — the two main lines and a branch line. The main lines are designated (from the front of the module) Red and Yellow. The branch line is designated Blue. Some modules have the branch (Blue) line in an alternate position (Alt Blue) and some modules have a mountain line (Green) at the rear of the module and elevated above the other tracks.

By connecting modules together, several people can build a layout limited only by the number of available modules and the square feet of available space. The smallest layout would be four corner modules. One of the largest layouts constructed used over 700 modules.

The basic reference for NTRAK modules is the NTRAK "How To" Manual, available from the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society Inc. at www.ntrak.org, or from your local NTRAK club.

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