FitzGerald Yard

James FitzGerald Memorial Yard

Jim FitzGerald was the President and Newsletter publisher of the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society, Inc. for almost 40 years. He was the leader in developing interest in N Scale trains and in modular layouts now so popular at train shows in all scales. NTRAK module standards are world-wide, with over 6,000 modules built.

FitzGerald Yard is an NTRAK Parallel Yard, in-line with other NTRAK modules in the layout. (Raleigh Yard is a yard interior to the layout reached by a wye.) It provides flexibility in the design of our NTRAK layouts at train shows, meets and conventions, and can be expanded with inside modules to lengthen the yard as necessary.

The construction of this module began in 2014. 





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