Gray Rock Corner Update December 2, 2016


I arrived at Joe's 7:15 AM and we proceeded to test the Gray Rock's Orange and Red lines including the Frog Juicer. As soon as we hit it with track power...short!

We traced the problem to non standard wiring of reversing wires instead of fixing correctly. After righting the wrong, everything worked as advertised including the Frog Juicer.  

Gray Rock is tracked and wired and waiting for ballast and new and improved scenery

Now on to Covered Bridge

Learning a lesson from Gray Rock and having forethought, we tracked, wired and tested everything, and passed with flying colors.

It is now ready for scenery and ballast. 

Thank you Joe!

For the prep work made it move faster. Soon we will have guest appearances from Batman & Robin or Rocky the flying Squirrel (Dave D) or Johnny Appleseed (Paul O)!

Stay tuned for more updates and disasters. 




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