Rockin' Toxin

Rockin' Toxin is an 8' Ntrak Module by David Derway and features an expansive petro-chemical facility, tunnels, mountain division, and an orange line with crossovers from red and back. This module set was inspired by the works of such noted modelers as Stephen Priest and his article in the NMRA Monthly Magazine. The lightweight module frames were built by NRMRC member David Thompson and are built with luan, foam and structural lumber where necessary. This allows for a lightweight and stiff structure that has withstood a number of years of show duty. The track is Peco code 55 except at the module set ends where the mandated Atlas code 80 sectional track. Turnouts are hand laid using Fast Tracks fixtures. Number 6 turnouts are used in the loading area while number 8's are used on the mainlines. The center track joints utilize butt joints and Gap Master tie sets for ease and speed of alignment while setting up. There are many areas of scenic interest on Rockin' Toxin, but one of the main ones is the hand built trestle. It utilizes over 700 individually cut pieces of wood, and over 150 precision milled ss spikes from the PROTO 87 Store.  Code 55 MicroEngineering track was installed (spiked) and code 40 was used as guardrails. This module set was awarded the James FitzGerald Award (People's Choice Award) at the 2014 N Scale East Capital Limited Train Show. 

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Rockin Toxin




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