Recommended Practices for 120VAC NTRAK Layout Wiring


NTRAK layouts use standard 120VAC electrical power for various purposes: the power supplies that power throttles and DCC equipment, on-module accessories, module lighting, signs and other miscellaneous uses such as soldering irons, power tools and vacuum cleaners. The 120VAC wiring to and around NTRAK modules must meet certain standards defined in the current issues of the National Electric Code (NEC), the Uniform Fire Code (UFC) and the International Fire Code (IFC). Inaddition states and/or local municipalities may impose their own variations on these codes, which are generally more restrictive than the codes themselves; local codes may take precedence over the national codes. Layout coordinators should consult local fire and building codes prior to set up. Any questions should be directed to the local authorities.Standards for the components used for 120VAC wiring (power strips, extension cords, etc.) are defined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), specifically Standard UL-817 (Cord Sets and Power Supply Cords) and UL-1363 (Relocatable Power Taps).Any corrections or suggestions for changes or improvements should be directed to the Chairman, Standards Committee, North Raleigh Model Railroad Club. 



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