About T-TRAK

Joe Peacock's new set of T-Trak modules cWood yard set

T-TRAK is a simple, easy to build system of small N scale modules that can be combined to create a portable N scale layout. T-TRAK originated in Japan as a method of creating a modular layout on hotel banquet tables, which are 30" x either 72" or 96". The basic module is 8-1/4" x 12-1/8", slightly narrower and slightly longer than a standard sheet of paper. Modules use Kato Unitrack, and are sized to use Unitrack rail joiners to lock the modules together. Modules are combined to create a layout on a table, or multiple tables.

As well as banquet tables T-TRAK layouts can be constructed in small spaces such as a kitchen table, or even a bookshelf. More and more NTRAK clubs are adding T-TRAK layouts of varying sizes at train shows. Some are using T-TRAK layouts in place of normal NTRAK layouts in venues with limited size.

More information can be found on the T-TRAK web site at (www.t-trak.org) and under the T-TRAK tab.




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