T-TRAK Application Notes

Kato Unitrack is a sectional track system with the roadbed built in that is the standard track for T-TRAK layouts. A wide variety of pieces are available, including turnouts, a double crossover, straights, curves, crossings, a turntable and more.

Information about terminology, technology and types of Kato Unitrack turnouts.

Information about manual, DC and DCC control of Kato Unitrack tunrouts.

Information about Digital Command Control of T-TRAK Layouts — Equipment, Bus, Power Management, Wireless Throttles, Computer Monitoring

Detailed checklist to help the Show Superintendent ensure all necessary modules get to the Show.

This document provides details of the responsibilities of the Show Superintendent and his/her staff. It provides boxes to check off as tasks are completed and spaces to fill-in information as necessary, and any necessary additional information in the space to the right. 

A selected set of sources for electronics to convert the Accessory Bus 15VAC to voltages needed by module devices.

One of our members, Joe Peacock, recognized a need when he heard children at train shows voicing the request "Please, please, I want to run a train", they would ask of Mom and/or Dad. This led Joe to conceptualize, construct and then operate a small portable layout — the Junior Engineer Layout (JEL) — that can easily be setup and used by non-club affiliated children at public train show events.

The North Raleigh Model Railroad Club has decided to develop a diorama of a North Carolina railroad scene for exhibit in appropriate venues in and around the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina

Many model railroaders like to run their trains at prototypical speeds, while others just want to know how fast the trains are going. There are several methods for determining train speed, from a simple stop-watch all the way to a computer with electronic telemetry. This publication describes three of these methods, all of which should be within the financial means of most model railroaders. 



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