T-TRAK Standards and Recommended Practices


This publication was authorized by the Standards Committee on September 4, 2014, and proposed to the general membership. The Club ratified it on September 4, 2014. It is updated from time-to-time.It is established that the current official standards for T-TRAK modules (https://www.t-trak.org) be the adopted base guideline for standards and materials. This document will be unique to the NRMRC, but will ensure full compatibility with T-TRAK standards so NRMRC T-TRAK modules will be fully connectable and interoperable in T-TRAK layouts.The standards contained herein are mandatory for member-owned and club-owned modules, except as modified and stated below. The intent of these standards is to ensure compliance during construction, and to enable ongoing maintenance with minimal effort.Newly constructed modules must be certified as being in compliance with these standards before they can be incorporated into a show layout. Recertification will be required if a major problem develops, or modifications made to the module. Also, re-certification is required every five (5) years. The Standards Committee and/or the Show Coordinator/Superintendent (see "Show Operating Procedures") will certify new modules and designate modules for re-certification where necessary.Existing modules are to be brought into compliance with these standards prior to the next 5-year recertification of the modules.Any corrections or suggestions for changes or improvements should be directed to the Chairman, Standards Committee, North Raleigh Model Railroad Club. 



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